and how to choose the right scent to go with your outfit

“You are never fully dressed without perfume” – C. Joy Bell C.

By Deni Stoycheva

As most of you would agree with me, perfumes are an essential part of our outfit and personality. They have become an intrinsic part of our lives, it may wake us up, smooth and comfort us. It is a part of our identity. 

Wearing the right scent is a sign of respect for others and a sign to others that you respect yourself. Wherever you go, you make that place more pleasant to be in, and people appreciate that, and appreciate you for it. From a scientific point of view, smell is the strongest sense connected to memory.  So your nostalgic imprint should be positive, pleasant-never invasive-and always indicative of who you are.  It is also a way to boost up your confidence and feel sexier on those gloomy Mondays.

We usually do not pay attention when putting on a perfume, when rushing to leave for work or school or even to the gym. Do not get me wrong, but I like to smell good even in the gym.  Anyways, having a great choice of perfume, that goes well with what you are wearing and when you are wearing it can be tricky. Of course, let`s not forget that fragrances might be expensive. Especially, when you aim to have one for each season. Girl, I know this can harm your budge, but it does worth it!

To all ladies out there, who are looking for a unique and enchanting fragrance for the upcoming flowery seasons, these few pieces of advises might help you in the choice.

Now, before jumping into any decisions on perfumes, let`s talk about what are the types of fragrances we have out there, when and with what do we wear them!


Digging into the most intimate side of woman`s accessory – the perfume, can be very challenging to choose, since there are hundreds of thousands different scents, that might grab your attention. However, there are different ways to find which one would suit you better depending on your hair color, eyes, as well as skin tone. All this comes into play when choosing the right fragrance for your skin and your personality. This is why we separate them into 5 different groups and every single one is eccentric and distinguish itself from the rest with a specific touch.

1. Sweet sugary aromas

Since this one is my favorite, I decided to kick off the list with some perfect for the summer perfumes.

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These types of perfumes are definitely not for everyone. Unless you love candy smell all over your body, this is definitely not for you!  They usually have a caramel/-candy-sweet fruit scent, basically everything that smells like cotton candy. A great example is Play For Her by Givenchy or Pour Femme by Dolce & Gabbana. Exceedingly saturated sweet and enduring smell, that last for long, even after you showered! We wear this usually in Summer, when light pink and white colors are taking over the streets.

2. Moving forward to my second favorite type: Woody-Earthy scents, like Body by Burberry

This type is definitely unique, grounding and stabilizing and middle to base notes.  Every classy woman should consider getting one. Often associated with autumn or winter, woody scents are musky and rich, like what you might get when strolling through a damp forest or sitting by a roaring open fire. Wearing your favorite beige leather jacket, silky top, jeans and ankle boots would fit just perfect to the scents of woody, musky, powdery perfume. There you go, you pulled it off! Now, your date will be so captivated by your well groomed outfit and delightful fragrance that is just slightly playing with his senses.

3. Number 3 should be the sweets flowery and fruity scents, since Spring is right around the corner

Ladies, I must admit, this category is just screaming HOT WEATHER and fun! I love putting on my Daisy by Marc Jacobs to complete my look. I usually wear it with white loose T-Shirt, denim shorts in a combination with a light colored Shirt for the late beach nights out. You are definitely on the right track with these flowery colors, that match your perfume just perfectly.

4. Alright, ladies we are almost done with our list. There is indeed a perfume for every occasion, including the beach!

Yes, exactly sun lovers, there is nothing wrong to wear a perfume while lying lazily in the sun. It is necessary, if you are asking me!

We all want to smell like we just got out of the shower no matter where we are or what we are doing. This group of fragrances gathers together all FRESH Scents.

Clean and vibrant, perfumes falling into this category will often contain notes of grass and citrus fruits. My favorite one is Lime Basil $& Mandarin Jo Malone London for Women and Men and I do wear it whenever I am working out or decide to go to the beach with some friends. It has this amazing citrus, fresh spicy, green top notes in combination with the middle notes of basil, iris and basil. I love wearing this with a cute Bodysuit and Shorts on those sunny Summer Sundays at the beach.

5. Gone down to the last and most unique category – the Oriental Scents

These perfumes are nothing but a powerful combination of sexiness, sensuality and mystery. They might be a little bit more intense, because of the cinnamon, amber Oud, musk notes. We wear them mostly at night times, however one spritz during the day for a sophisticated boost won`t harm your outfit at all.


There you have it: THE 5 DIFFERENT scents that you might bump into when choosing your own!

Remember to stay positive, confident and always strive to make yourself happy, because happiness is what makes you beautiful!