By Deni Stoycheva

My favorite time of the year has come! With winter coming to an end and warmer weather just around the corner, your wardrobe might need to change its pattern. Spring is a fabulous time to cast a critical eye over your wardrobe and refresh and renew it. Cleaning out it should be done at every season`s end. Chuck out some pieces that no longer fit you, are out of style or are the wrong color for you. This year we have a lot of new and some old trends, that are must-haves!  


Remember when Princess Diana was wearing pink sporty bike shorts, oversize sweatshirt, crew socks, and chunky-soled sneakers – neither do I.  Why wouldn`t they! The fact that you can combine them even with a blazer is definitely a time saver and a great contribution to your closet this season. I can assure you, that I will definitely get a pair myself since I am a huge fan of anything that doesn`t have a zipper and bottoms to hold everything in place. Further, for those of you who are still in school, or simply have a lot on their plates, because life isn`t all sunshine and rainbows, and don`t want to bother spending half an hour deciding what to wear, those shorts will be saving your lives in a month. Here a few ideas you might want to check out before getting on Amazon and purchasing every color out there. 

2. Animal Instincts

I was just complementing a girl about her leopard coat today and was wondering why people still look for old fashion material? You might have had already this before when you stumble upon some obscure piece of information – often an unfamiliar name or word – and soon afterward encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly, its called The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. Friday afternoon at Hackischer Markt in Berlin almost every girl I saw was wearing an animal print dress or a top. 2014 is back! 

However, this trend hasn`t been totally neglected over the past few years. In fact, designers of all kinds, kept including small segments of it in their collections, in particular: accessories such as bags, belts, and shoes. 

3. Boiler Suits

Honestly, Boiler suit is just another fancy term for a jumpsuit. However, owning a bunch of them made my life easier. Trendy and comfortable: has fashion ever came up with something more “innovative” and creative than Boiler Suits? The variety of outfit ideas are simple and will definitely get everyone`s attention. Sneakers or high heels, sunglasses and a great shopping bag to complete this casual/street kind of look surely worth taking 5 minutes in the morning. Being creative with your own look is an important part of your personality. Take every day as a way of practice and mastering your inner designer. 

4. Bucket Hats

Let`s talk HATS! 

The hat has been an essential part of women`s outfit back in the early ages. From veils to bonnets, hats were most likely a scale for others to assess your position in society. I remember my mom would dress me up and always complete my outfit with a bucket hat. I was definitely not a fan of this at all. After all, it`s a great challenge if you can pull it off, am I right? Just like in Ancient Times, girls do wear hats, for a few reasons and we both know, only one of them is actually because you want to stand out and give yourself some credits for putting the effort of finding a good looking hat that suits you well. For most of the time, baseball hats are the way to go, especially on your bad hair days, but definitely give the Bucket hat a shot this season. 

5. Crocket

70`s California Dreamin`

It’s a great way to welcome the warm months and let your skin breath while looking fabulous on a night out or at the beach. I would say it can be a risky piece to wear because you might end up looking like your grandma`s crochet tea table mat. Either way, there is no doubt crochet is a staple for this summer. 

I guess having ivory white boho tee or a dress in combination with cute brown boots would be the perfect fit to the elaborated bohemian fashion that accompanies Coachella. 

All righty, I tried to put together a list with 5 of my most favorite recently rediscovered 2019 spring/summer trends that I personally like and will enjoy wearing these seasons. Remember, this time before you go shopping, put together a shopping list of the new items you would like to invest in for the upcoming season and get rid of the outdated and ill-fitting clothes. This will definitely save you time and money to a degree. 

As always, be confident and wear clothes that you fell in love with when you first tried them on, and not because they are a trend. After all, clothes are very personal, they impact how we think about ourselves and how others perceive us. 

Remember, stay positive and confident, and always strive to make yourself happy!