By Deni Stoycheva

Every month the average American women spend between 150$ and 400$ on clothing and accessories. As every season approaches, trends in fashion industry change as well. So we try to keep up with them and always pay attention to the details. However, we often tend to neglect the essential components for completing the look. This is why the focus today will be primarily on Accessories. 

1. Futuristic sneakers

In 2018 The Retro Rivals along with Adidas Falcon Dorf and Nike Air Monarch fashion industry made a huge comeback from the 90s Dad`s grams. Futuristic or chunky sneakers in all colors and shapes are being brought back to the runway of many designers. From multi-colored designs to supersized styles with sleek curves, this season’s sneaker selection is fit for the space age. 

CHLOE Sonnie animal-print raised-sole low-top trainers.   GUCCI Flashtrek sneaker with removable crystals 

2. Basket bags

Bags woven out of rattan, straw or raffia, among others are preferred this summer along with crochet dresses and tops. Notable designers have spun the practical construction to be appropriate even in the absence of sundresses and flip-flops. 

MUUÑ Ninon straw and striped cotton-canvas tote 

3. Clear case bags

They kind of look like the make-up bags we all use when we are traveling. However, a see-through plastic bag or also called transparent bag is also a great choice for the beach or the pool. They come in different shapes and designs, and boy you will definitely look good and get compliments. 

STAUD Shirley Bag 

4. Pearls

Did you know that Pearls serve as an early-warning sign of pollution problems, this explains why pearl farming is performed on a remote island. Despite the many unique facts, pearls are a very elegant and beautiful accessory that accompanied women throughout the years. Classic movie starts in the 1930s adopted the pearl trend, allowing today`s elegant woman to feel herself. A pair of stud pearl earrings will go with anything from jeans and a white t-shirt to an elegant evening gown. 

Mirit Weinstock Pearl Hoops.   Wolf Circus Sofia Pearl Necklace.

Ladies, always strive to be creative when it comes to fashion because fashion has huge power. The way we dress influences how other people perceive us. Don`t be afraid to try out new ideas and pieces, that will get you out of your comfort zone. Find the color that makes you feel you stand out from the crowd or style of clothing that makes you feel really professional and put together.